Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Numeral Cancellations (Islands)


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324 Guernsey







Earliest recorded use :















Plate 53 JE-JF
Plate 56 GA
Plate 157 GK

[JE-JF] plate 53, pair cancelled with
black numerals (324 Guernsey).

[GA] plate 56, cancelled with black numeral (324 Guernsey).

[GK] plate 157, cancelled with black numeral (324 Guernsey).

Plate 67 ML
Plate 45 SI
Plate 40 RG



[ML] plate 67, cancelled
with black numeral
(324 Guernsey).

[SI] plate 45, cancelled
with a black numeral
(324 Guernsey).

[RG] plate 40, cancelled with
 a black numeral
(324 Guernsey)



Plate 45 KD

[KD] plate 45, from Guernsey to Windsor, dated 2 August 1844,
cancelled with black numerals (324 Guernsey and 890 Windsor)
Endorsed “by private steamer”

407 Isle of Man (Douglas)







Earliest recorded use :















Plate 41 RL




[RL] plate 41,
cancelled with black numeral (407 Isle of Man).





[CF] on entire from Isle of Man to Huddersfield dated 1 October 1844,
cancelled with a black 407 numeral (Isle of Man).


[SB-SC] from Isle of Man to Edinburgh, dated 1 May 1844,
cancelled with black Maltese crosses
Late use of the Maltese cross on the day that barred numerals were introduced

The Isle of Man is one of three Post Towns that received a numeral obliterator
 known to have used the Maltese cross on this day

Plate 9 EI

[EI] plate 9, from Isle of Man to Newry, dated 22 January 1841,
cancelled with a handsrtruck “P1” first in red and then in black
This is the only recorded example of this handstamp used to cancel a 1d black

409 Jersey







Earliest recorded use :















Plate 158 JA
Plate 159 BJ-BK

[GB] cancelled with black numeral (409 Jersey).

[JA] plate 158, cancelled with
 a black numeral
(409 Jersey)

[BJ-BK] pair, plate 159, cancelled with
 a single black numeral (409 Jersey)
Contrary to Regulations


[AB] from Jersey to Manchester, dated 19 February 1845,
cancelled with a black numeral (409 Jersey)

610 Scily Isles







Earliest recorded use :















Plate 96 QB




[QB] plate 96, cancelled with black numeral (610 Scilly Isles).




Plate 144 EF-FI

[NI] plate 68, from Scilly to Hayle, dated 28 July 1848,
cancelled with a black numeral (610 Scilly)

965 Alderney







Earliest recorded use :















Plate 144 EF-FI

[TF] from Alderney to London,
then re-directed (without additional charge) to Ireland
cancelled with a black numeral (965 Alderney)
Also has Alderney undated circle


[JG-JH] vertical pair, from Alderney to Guernsey, dated 11 September 1851,
cancelled with a single black numeral (965 Alderney)
Contrary to regulations

Plate 106 DL







[DL] plate 106, cancelled with
 a black numeral
(965 Alderney)