Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Two Pence Blue (plate 1)


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Plate 1 was registered on 2 May 1840 and 19,500 sheets were printed from it

 The earliest recorded usage is 6 May 1840.

Plate 1 MG

Plate 1 BF
Plate 1 BL



[MG] cancelled with
 a red Maltese cross

[BF] cancelled with
a red Maltese cross

[BL] cancelled with
a black Maltese cross



Plate 1 OK-OL
Plate 1 HF-HG

[OK-OL] severed pair, cancelled  with
a single red Maltese cross [e]
Contrary to regulations

[HF-HG] pair, cancelled,  with
a single black Maltese cross
Contrary to regulations 

Plate 1 PH-PI
Plate 1 DE-DF

[PH-PI] pair, cancelled with
red Maltese crosses

[DE-DF] pair, cancelled with
black Maltese crosses
(DF has double letter F)

Plate 1 AE
Plate 1 PJ-QK
Plate 1 HI

[AE] cancelled with
a black Maltese cross

[HI] cancelled with
a black Maltese cross
of Dublin

Plate 1 GB
Plate 1 AH

[GB] cancelled with
a black Scottish numeral
 (104 Dornoch)

[PJ-QK] block of four, cancelled with
three red Maltese crosses
Contrary to regulations

[BL] cancelled with
a black Irish numeral
 (211 Ennis)

Plate 1 MI-MK

[MI-MK] strip of 3 on piece, cancelled  with
 two black numerals (127 Bridport)
Contrary to regulations 

Plate 1 HI

[HI] sent within London dated 2 September 1840,
cancelled with a black experimental Maltese cross
This is the third day of use of the experimental black cross in London and
the second earliest recorded use cancelling a 2d blue

Plate 1 SA-TB

[SA-TB] block of four, from Bridport to London dated 8 October 1844,
cancelled with black numerals (127 Bridport)
Very late use of 1840 2d plate 1 

Plate 1 AF
Plate 1 AK-AL



[AF] cancelled with
a black numeral
(877 Whitehaven) [e]

[AK-AL] cancelled with
 black Maltese crosses
(Manchester “Fishtail”)
ex Mayflower



Plate 1 PB, Plate 3 GL, FA-FB

[PB], [GL FA-FB] plate 3, cancelled with
black numerals (101 Ixworth)