Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Multiple Strikes of the Obliterator


Multiple strikes of the Maltese cross obliterator are sometimes, mistakenly, referred to as “cancelled contrary to regulations”; the only stipulation was that each stamp was to be cancelled to prevent its re-use and there was no limitation on how many strikes this was to take.  Examples cancelled in this manner are simply eye-catching anomalies.









Plate 7 ML

[ML] from Henley on Thames to London, dated 23 August 1840,
cancelled with three red Maltese crosses


Plate 1a IE

[IE] from London to Chudleigh, dated 25 September 1840,
cancelled with two red Maltese crosses


Plate 1b TB

[TB] plate 1b, from Newry to Moy, dated 17 October 1840,
cancelled with two red Maltese crosses in different shades


Plate 7 LL

[LL] from Blackburn to Clitheroe, dated 2 January 1841,
cancelled with red-brown Maltese crosses