Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Miscellaneous Cancellations









Plate 19 HF

[HF] plate 19, from Liverpool to Hamburg, dated 16 November 1842,
cancelled solely with a red boxed “Paid At | Liverpool” [e]

Also has red London Tombstone dated 17 November and arrival datestamp (21 November) on reverse
1/- in manuscript denoting the double rate - the 1d red paying the late fee
ex Durham (Alcock) 1994

This is the only recorded example of this cancellation on a 1d red

Plate 106 CI

[CI] plate 106, on local Hermiston (Edinburgh) letter, undated,
cancelled with a manuscript cancellation [e]

Plate 17 AF

[AF] plate 17, from Mytholmroyd to Todmorden, dated 2 February 1842,
cancelled with a pen manuscript [e]

Plate 5 TK

[TK] plate 5 in red, from London to Dublin, dated 18 May 1841,
cancelled with the red scipt “Too Late” of London
Unique usage of this cancellation on a 1d red

PLate 42 LD

[LD] plate 42 on dated piece from Newcastle to Hamburg dated 30 April 1844,
cancelled whilst in transit through London with Red “Tombstone” on 1 May 1844 [cert].

Plate 9 EI

[EI] plate 9, from Isle of Man to Newry, dated 22 January 1841,
cancelled with a handsrtruck “P1” first in red and then in black
This is the only recorded example of this handstamp used to cancel a 1d black

Plate 4 PH
Plate 3 PE

[PH] plate 4, cancelled with
 a black More To Pay handstamp

[GE] cancelled with
 a black Boxed No 2
of Totness

[LF] cancelled with
 a “No. 3” Receiving House
mark in blue

[PE] plate 3, cancelled with two strikes of the oval PD
(Paid to Destination)
cancel in red.


[MG] from Littlehampton to London, dated 8 November 1847,
cancelled with a “No 1” boxed receivers handstamp of Littlehampton

Plate 2 FJ-GJ

[FJ-GJ] vertical pair, plate 2, on large piece, dated 10 August 1842,
cancelled with two Exeter Bag Seals

Plate 135 TE

[TE] plate 135, from Clara to Belfast, dated 23 June 1852,
cancelled with a black Irish numeral (131 Clara), plus

[FE] plate 131 paying the “Late Fee”,
cancelled with Late | Fee mark

This is the only recorded example of a Late Fee mark cancelling a stamp on cover.


Additional items - not in display





Plate 55 DG
Plate 71 EJ
Plate 28 RC
Plate 103 PK

[DG] plate 55, cancelled
with a No 1 Penny
Post of Arundel

[EJ] plate 71, cancelled with
 a black boxed No 1 Arundel
Receiving House handstamp

[RC] plate 28, cancelled
with a “More To Pay”
Instructional Mark

[PK] plate 103, cancelled
solely with a black PD,
Paid to Destination

Plate 26 OG
Plate 2 GK





[OG] plate 26, cancelled with
 a Liverpool diamond Late Fee

[GK] plate 2, cancelled with
 a red “PF” in oval
(Paid to Frontier) [e]





Plate 46 CH

[CH] plate 46, from Littlehampton to London, dated 1 May 1845,
cancelled with a black boxed No 1 Receiving House handstamp