Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Combination Cancellations










Plate 1b RJ

[RJ] plate 1b, local London, dated 7 November 1840,
cancelled with a black Maltese cross and “Charing Cross” straight line

Experimental black Maltese cross

Plate 5 DB-DC

[DB-DC] pair, plate 5, from London to Liverpool, dated 9 November 1840,
cancelled with red Maltese crosses and “Knightsbridge” straight line

Plate 3 IA

[IA] plate 3, on letter sheet from Milnethorpe to Lancaster, dated 1 January 1849,
cancelled by two strikes of the 530 numeral (Milnethorpe)
first in blue and then in black.

PLate 94 PL

[PL] plate 94, Portadown to Lurgan
dated 5 October 1851,
cancelled with 375 numeral (Portadown) and then, on arrival,
 with the blue 316 numeral (Lurgan).[e]

Additional items - not in display






[?K] from Conway to Aberystwyth, dated 30 August 1848,
cancelled first with a light blue numeral (218 Conway)
and then with a black numeral (973 Rhyl) whilst in transit
Rhyl transit datestamps on reverse

Plate 9 PD

[PD] plate 9, from Liverpool to Elgin, dated 13 September 1841,
cancelled with a blackMaltese cross, and, upon arrival
an Elgin rectangular datestamp (15 September 1841)

Plate 41 JD
Plate 78 SG



[JD] plate 41, cancelled first with a black maltese cross and then with a black numeral (530 Milnthorpe).

[SG] plate 78, cancelled with black mlatese cross and then black numeral (700 Sheffield). Inverted check letter S [e]



Plate 4 BJ-BL
Plate 129 FH

[BJ-BL] plate 4, strip of three, cancelled with
blue (central) and black numerals (606 Penrith).

[FH] plate 129, cancelled with  blue and then black numeral (238 Daventry)

Plate 70 IB-LE

[IB-LE] block of fourteen, plate 70, cancelled with
blue and black numerals (387 Huddersfield)

Plate 12 JF

[JF] plate 12, from Great Bradley to Barkway, dated 21 July 1841,
cancelled with a blackMaltese cross
and a Royston datestamp (23 July 1841)


[EE] plate 110, from Ludlow to Much Wenlock, dated 19 April 1851,
cancelled with a blue numeral (479 Ludlow)
and then, on arrival, a Much Wenlock datestamp (20 April)