Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)

Barred Numeral Cancellations (English and Welsh Provincial Post Towns)







Plate 101 QA
Plate 3 AC
Plate 43 TG
Plate 4 MB

[QA] plate 101, cancelled
with a black numeral
(14 Amersham).

[AC] plate 3, cancelled with
 a black numeral
(158 Cambridge)

[TG] plate 43, cancelled with
 a black numeral
(200 Christchurch)

[MB] plate 4, cancelled
with black numeral
(342 Hastings).

Plate 59 SA-SB

[SA-SB] pair, plate 59,
cancelled with black numerals (883 Wincanton).


[LF-LG] pair, cancelled with black numerals (411 Kendal).

Plate 60 AF-AI

[AF-AI] plate 60, strip of four, cancelled with
four black numerals (751 Stourport).


Plate 62 CA-DB
Plate 3 CC-DD

1d red (plate 62) positions CA-DB block of four,
each individually cancelled with a black numeral
(569 Northallerton).

[CC-DD] plate 3 , cancelled
with black numerals
(371 Holt).

Plate 4 IB-IE

[IB-IE] strip of four, plate 4,
 cancelled with black numerals (910 Woodstock).


Plate 96 NI-OL

[NI-OL] plate 96, block of 8, cancelled with
black numeral (110 Keighley).



2d blue positions CI-DL block of eight,
each individually cancelled with a black numeral
(561 Newport).